Bucket List

Ok so I’m a rising Junior, I have about 2 years left until I graduate (hopefully) and only once you pass the half way mark do you realize how little time you have left. 2 years. That’s it. Did I do everything I wanted to do? I’m sitting in my sad excuse of a cubicle wishing I was back at school. It got me thinking how many nights did I stay in and “do nothing.” what a waste. So I googled college bucketlists and I was very happy to find the michigandaily created a bucket list for UofM students. You can find it in their archives here, it is an interesting list and I SWEAR THROUGH HELL OR HEAVEN I WILL DO ALL THESE THINGS BEFORE I GRADUATE. I’ve done a few but definitely not all, I’ll let you guys know how I do when school starts.

Also I added a few items in addition to the 38 things the michigandaily suggests that I have already done/want to/will do. For you guys.

39. Go to MSU or OSU with a UMich T-shirt and REPRESENT

40. Climb on top of the safe sex store (there are trash cans behind the store that act as steps)

41. Pee somewhere outside as you walk from party to party, draw something in the snow (if you’re a girl this may be harder. Maybe.).

42. Grab a cafeteria tray and go sledding at the Arb

43. Play the Piano at East Hall (especially if you can’t play the piano)

44. Partake in Meijer Madness

45. Walk from central campus to north campus. It is more fun drunk, but sober or not its a beautiful sight

46. Order from Pizza House in the dead of the night and have them deliver it to the Ugli during one of your late night studyings

47. Speaking of late night studying spend a night at the DUDE, or during finals week at the Ugli

48. Get on the Bursley-Bait Bus on a Friday or Saturday night and start chanting or start a song. literally ROCK THE BUS OUT.

49. Try at least once every restaurant on South U. and State Street.

Now last but not least for an even 50 things to do, if you do any of these things please let it be this one.

50. Laugh, love, experience, have fun, and do something outrageous. This may be cliché and you have probably heard  it already at one point. And although this may be the first thing you cross off your bucket list, I’m going to add one word so this will be the LAST thing you cross of your list. More.


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