Dorm Life – a short story

The alarm awakens my near comatose state of sleep. I hate my life. I reach for the snooze button; I know its 7:30 but just some more time. I miss. Now I hate me. Begrudgingly I slowly open my eyes and wait for my vision to clear, all the while my alarm doesn’t stop ringing. My lord who invented such an annoying alarm, it sounds like what I imagine a nuclear reactor plant alarm would sound like if some jackass spilled some nuclear waste and caused a code red. But it makes sense, who would want a nice sounding alarm, who would ever wake up if their alarm was the sound of a bird chirping or a waterfall in the forest? O man now I wish my alarm was the sound of a waterfall, or better yet the ocean.  The gentle sounds of the water wishing and washing away against the sand, a mellow bree- what the hell am I thinking about? 7:35?! Did I literally just sit on my bed for the past 5 minutes thinking about the ocean? I slam the alarm button on my bedside clock with ungodly speed, and I sit up. The day begins. How I wish it was night and time to sleep.

I slip into my nearest set of jeans from the mountain that is slowly forming beside my bed. Thank god I have my own bathroom, the only good thing about Baits I. Now it wouldn’t’ be so bad if my suitemate had even a notion of trying to keep the place clean, it looked like the bathroom of some frat on Sunday morning, and it smelled even worse. I think he has a problem. I wash my face, brush my teeth, fix my hair, in and out in 5 minutes. 7:42, ok I still have time. I look for my Psych 111 text book, they give it to you without binding so you could split it up and wouldn’t have to carry the entire thing to class, but who the hell bothers to do that? I think it’s just a way for the companies to make more money, like they aren’t charging us enough for textbooks already.  Holy hell it weighs like an anvil. I shove it into my beat up Jansport , I make sure I have the right notebook and some pens. I hate it when I bring the wrong notebook, and I just take then notes on a separate notebook, in which I completely forget about. Or when I need to borrow someone’s pen, and I forget to return it. Then when they ask for it back… I feel like such an ass.  Alright I got everything I need today, I look around the room, it’s messy, but I don’t mind, this is home.  7:53?! Damn where did the time go? I rush out of my room with my jacket half on trying to slip into my shoes with every step I take. I open the door outside to just the most wonderful yet almost too often scene, of snow falling, the wind blowing, and the back of the Bursley-Baits bus telling me to kiss its ass as it drives off.  Of course to the side are 2 buses, conveniently out of service.  Sigh. I wait in the tiny excuse of a bus shack. The walls filled with ads, blah blah tutoring cab service.. Latin dance? Is there really a need to go that far out of your comfort zone? But it does sound interesting, I don’t even know what Latin dance is. What the hell college is a setting for exploration right? Man what kind of people go to this kind of thing, maybe I’ll meet a girl. Haha. Doesn’t matter now, the bus is here, its 8:00, and I’m late for class.


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