Scratch to Win

I remember freshmen year. My friend literally won a wii out of nowhere, and that event acted as the light shining on the wonder that is welcome week. Comcast was having an event where you go up and scratch a ticket for a chance to win a prize. It was the 4th day of welcome week, and I was with about 5 people I met through orientation. So we all thought why the hell not there was nothing to do at the time.

“here scratch one” I handed one of the tickets to one of the girls in our group.

“No its ok, you can scratch for me”

“Comeon whats the worse that could happen?” I put the ticket in her hand I took one for myself. I scratched 3 comcast signs in a vertical row down the middle. Hm..I won. I looked over at my friends and it looked like all of them won. It was 2 of these guys’ first time in the U.S., and I swear to god the first thought that ran into their head was “YEAAA I JUST WON THE LOTTERY!!!!!” It was all over their face, they couldn’t believe it, their first week in college and they are already winners. Just as they were about to jump for joy the people behind the stand said “congratulations, here are your prizes,” as they gave each of us a yellow plastic cup, with some cheap sunglasses, and a comcast brochure. I looked over at my 2 friends to see their reaction. Its like Comcast picked them up and threw them down. Well whatever, we put the brochure in the cup, put on the cheap half a dollar sunglasses and got ready to go.

“wait how come my ticket is different from all of yours” said the girl I gave the ticket to.

We all looked at her ticket, sure enough there were no 3 red “Comcasts”, but something else. For the life of me I can’t remember what was on her ticket, all I remember was..

“O…here give me those” as she took her cup and sunglasses  “you won a brand new Nintendo Wii”


Then she proceeded to go through some boxes behind her stand and pull out a brand new Wii, still in the box. She heaved it on the table. “Here sign this”

“uh….ok” muttered my friend. We were all pretty speechless

“There you go have a nice day”

“I can just go? like that? with this Wii?”


again. What?

Good thing I won those sunglasses because I had that what face look on for the next hour or so as we walked around with my friend struggling the hold the Wii with her tiny hands.

“its really heavy guys…”

We were all secretly jealous and hoped she dropped it. Just kidding.

Needless to say during welcome week now, I go everywhere doing everything. Hey worse comes to worse I’ll get another pair of sunglasses cause I broke mine banging my head on the wall the moment I got back to my room.


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