Football Game- Airforce

I am ashamed to say as a junior who has been at the University of Michigan for his entire college career, this is the very first football game I went to. I don’t know why, I have no reasons, only regret because this was an experience that will forever be pegged to my time at this school. HOLY MOTHER-. I have a few pictures because literally words cannot describe the people, words cannot describe the intensity, words cannot describe the atmosphere. The noise was incredible, and when they sang the national anthem, ( have you guys seen the dark knight rises? Tears.), a haunting sound filled the stadium.

Yes we played bad, yes it was sloppy, yes we were “suppose” to crush it and the game got too close to comfort but people miss the beauty, for a good 3 to 4 hours the stadium is almost entirely filled with University of Michigan fans, and collectively as a whole we cheer for our school, we put the spirit in the definition of team spirit. When was the last time you saw over 100,000 people chant “you suck” at some poor sucker team? Freshmen, would-be-wolverines, and people who for some unknown reason haven’t gone to a game, a message to you – go to a freaking game, because your time here is not yet complete until you have experienced a University of Michigan football game.


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