UM Icon – Link

As I was walking from Expresso Royale to the Ugli (yes I need coffee to study and Bert’s cafe’s coffee reminds me of dirt), I saw a girl dressed as Link, the old Nintendo game character. She was playing something that resembled the Ocarina of Time. I thought that was so sick, she was just standing ther playing music. Then I realize through my time here there are many many people who do these random acts of awesomeness for fun. These people are unique to UofM, so I’ve decided to try to find as many of them as I possibly can. These are the people that nobody knows, but when you talk about them, EVERYBODY knows them. This girl is new as I haven’t seen her before, but if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll see her sometime ( she is SUPER NICE). Be on the lookout for these people, they are after all part of your University of Michigan experience. Image


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