MSU Game

It was suppose to rain on Saturday, 80-90% of rain. However the Gods decreed that the day we beat MSU be a legendary day that not be ruined by the weather. Legendary day it was CAUSE WE WON.

Not only was it a good game, not only was it a close game over all that had us gripping our seats well until the clock ran 0, not only did we beat MSU, but it was our 900th win. University of Michigan has the most college football wins in the ENTIRE NATION, and it just makes it that much sweeter that the game was against MSU. GO BLUE.

I’m not a huge football fan, but if i’m cut I WILL bleed maize and blue, and I am proud to be a wolverine. So when its game time, it is not hard to get caught up in the moment, to feel the pulse of the game, and see the intensity in the stadium. It was the greatest feeling being part of something that big.

After the game, people started to run on the field. I’m going to do that for one of our big game victories. Rush onto the field and just follow the mob. It’ll be fun.


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