There is no such thing as “just a nap”

Have you ever had a break in between your classes? You’re at home and you think to yourself well I have like 25 minutes until my next class, I’ll just close my eyes and rest for a little bit, make sure I’ll be well rested for my next class. THIS IS A TRAP. IF YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES, YOU WILL NOT OPEN THEM UNTIL 30 MINUTES AFTER YOUR CLASS HAS ENDED. If, by some miracle you are able to open them, you will reach class even more dead then before your “nap”.

There is no such thing as taking a nap, or a power nap, it is a lie some heartless bastard out there made up to watch college kids suffer. The reason is because we, as college students, undeniably do NOT get enough sleep. Sleep is our drug, we need it, and when we don’t have it, we crave it, and when we do have it we want more, and more, and more, and then we miss our class.

However there IS a way to nap properly and not look/ feel like the living dead, more on that later.


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