Pizza House Trivia

So apparently every Wednesday night Pizza House hosts Trivia Live, basically a trivia tournament. It was a community event for one of my organizations, and it didn’t sound terribly boring. It was an interesting time, not going to lie I got pretty into at one point.  I suggest going at least once with some of your friends. It is completely free, and you do learn some interesting tid bits of absolutely useless information, which is of course always useful to have.

Did you know Winstons the brand of cigarettes had an ad where Fred and Barney from the Flintstones would have a drag after a long days work? Did you know the first senate meeting was held in New York? Which president married Mamie in 1916 before he became president? Dwight Eisenhower ( and we got that correct too based on logic). Anyway Pizza House Trivia, give it a go, worse comes to worse you get to eat at pizza house with a chance to win some free stuff. And if you haven’t eaten at Pizza House yet as a student of U of M….Shame. on. you.


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