The hardest decision I’ve had to make

So my freshmen roommate just turned 21 and after a night of rocking out at the local bars he hits me up. Of course the moment he comes in (South U. Pizza in hand of course), I could already tell, he has about 5 minutes before he passes out, he was my freshman roommate after all. Like clock work, he is fast asleep on my couch, and here comes the crux of my problem.

What do I do to my o so so so vulnerable friend?

On one hand I could be a good friend and just leave him alone. However I did put a jacket on him, and put a nice cup of water nearby for when he wakes up, so I already did my good friend deed, now time to do my bad friend deed. But should I? He is a really good friend, but so am I. And what kind of good friend would let one pass out drunk, and not wake up with a story to tell about “that asshole friend”? My Sophie’s choice, what to do what to do….

What? Do it? Ok, I’ll listen to you guys, just this once ok ( this is the dialoge I had with my inner voice)?

So now I’m presented with another problem, life as a college student is just problem after problem, what do I do to him? Hm…time to consult the almighty Google. Wow. there are a lot of websites dedicated to this. Shoot I hear him stirring, time is of the essence, CARPE DIEM. well kinda. Anyway I’ll let you know what I come up with.

However before I go I have to wonder, or make you wonder, what would you do?


One response to “The hardest decision I’ve had to make

  1. write “property of Leland” on his forehead

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