Twitter – the online virus for the human heart

Sorry guys, but I’ve been infected, and now I’m flying high in the twittersphere. I got the bad case of the tweets, all of a sudden I have this need, this CRAVING to voice all of my opinions to the public no matter how dumb they are. We live in a very digital world, in which one’s voice no matter how small, can be spread across the corners of the globe. So this is me, spreading my voice.

We all have things we want to say. Sometimes, we don’t even want people to listen, but we just want to shout, and shout loud. We just want to scream into the world because maybe if we scream loud enough it’ll make a difference. However since we can’t just scream at the sky whenever we want, some creative genius out there created the twittersphere, a place in which it is ok to scream your thoughts whenever, wherever, however you want.

That is exactly what this world needs, a way for people to voice their opinion, their thoughts. A lot of it is going to be nonsense, a lot of isn’t going to mean anything to anybody. But maybe, somehow, in someway, your voice will make a difference to someone out there. And if that happens… Congrats.

I guess it is a little harsh to call twitter an infection. It is quite the opposite, not a cure but more a remedy. Like soup, Chicken soup for the modern soul.

so follow me @BeforeGrowingUp on twitter


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