My scantron sheet gave me the finger, multiple times

I just found another reason to hate exams.

Stayed up until 6 in the morning for my 8:30 class. Felt like death in that class, then proceeded to my 10:00 test. I was beyond tired barely functioning which in retrospect defeats the purpose of staying up to matter.

I first when I was handed the scantron sheet the same apprehension I always feel looms over me, I see an empty scantron which just way too many empty bubbles and possibility of failure. This is what part of a typical scantron sheet.


As the test progressed and I got more and more mentally drained, my vision started to blur intermittently (yes i realize how terrible this seems), and the scantron looked like this.


THEN, here it comes, I blinked really hard and I SWEAR this is what I saw when I looked at the scantron sheet for a long enough time.


Of course it didn’t actually look like that, but after I just couldn’t help but squint at the scantron and see all of these middle fingers popping out of no where flipping me off. The scantron, the ultimate thousand middle finger. That was really what I did NOT need at the moment, needless to say I now see scantrons in new light.


One response to “My scantron sheet gave me the finger, multiple times

  1. If a college student reads this and says anything different, they are lying. When I got to UCF, we were told to get scantrons. I thought they’d be cute 50 question things like in community college… NOPE! 200 question monstrosities (two sided! Who does that?!?!). And I’d be lying if I said that I never flipped off my own test. I’m too sarcastic for my own good, and my last action during the last test I had for my BA was to… yup. The bird of victory and graduation rose like a phoenix from the ashes of my scantron. My triumphant smile saved me from my professor’s icy glare.

    But 6 AM study sessions are no bueno. I hated them, vowed that particular time would be the last, and then ended up doing it again the next exam I had. Blarg!!

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