Let it snow..for a bit

Snow, it is a love hate relationship. I am so excited we finally get some snow, it just doesn’t seem like a real Michigan winter without that fresh blanket of snow in the morning. Now I can finally cross those snow related things off my bucket list. Hopefully I have time it has been a crazy few weeks, but the snow has cheered me up, for now. However I know it has only been a few days but not considering all the POTENTIAL snow related fun, I have come to the re-realization (I forgot because it has been so long since it has snowed) that snow can also be a real pain in the ass. Trekking the mushy snow that’s half water half snow on the way to class, not being able to run for fear of slipping to my death and the embarrassment that follows, my feelings toward snow is truly love hate.

Here are a few tentative pictures of the scene here at UM. (I took some pictures from my friends on facebook photocred to them)


2 responses to “Let it snow..for a bit

  1. I saw snow for the first time a few days ago at Sierra Nevada in Spain. Weird stuff… sounded like broken glass when I walked on it. Then, I started sliding a bit. This didn’t make me happy, nor did hurling a snowball that was more ice than snow (if that makes any sense). I’ve decided that the snow life is not for me. I’ll remain in my swamp with the gators for company.

    Throw a snowball at an unsuspecting person for me! Extra points if you run out of sight before they find you! 😛

    • Snow is amazing, but the novelty of it all quickly fades. I’m much more of a sun person, but alas it was not meant to be. It is going to be a few months before I get warm weather.

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