Bucket List

Click here to see the original post, but this is my list.

Bolded are the one’s I’ve done

  1. Take a final exam without studying
  2. Drink a Sharkbowl at Rick’s
  3. Jump up and down with Maize Rage
  4. Hippie Hash at Fleetwood Diner
  5. Eat at Zingerman’s
  6. Get in trouble with DPS
  7. Ride the B2B party bus
  8. Check out a performance at Hill auditorium
  9. Visit Kerrytown Farmer’s Market
  10. Attend a sports competition (not football)
  11. Main Street Bar Crawl
  12. Watch the annual Mudbowl game
  13. Learn how to do your own laundry
  14. Graffiti a bathroom stall read here
  15. Spend quality time with a professor
  16. Blimpy Burger
  17. Get Down in the Stacks
  18. Spend a decent amount of time on North Campus
  19. Pregame so hard you literally can’t make it to the game
  20. Sneak into the big house
  21. Throw a Toga Party
  22. Sneak an entire set of utensils out of the cafeteria
  23. Sneeze loudly in the law library
  24. Partake in Hash Bash
  25. Eat soup at Le Dog at Le Dog
  26. Go to Yost arena
  27. Go to away game, get booed by opposing fans
  28. Overdraft your bank account
  29. Shamelessly hit on a Michigan athlete
  30. Drink only keg beer at a frat party to get drunk
  31. Go streaking through the Diag
  32. Men’s Glee Club concert
  33. Paint the Rock
  34. Sit in on class you are not registered for
  35. Knock on Mary Sue Coleman’s door
  36. Smoke a joint, get high in the Arb
  37. Attend a midnight movie at the State Theater
  38. Play on an intramural sports team
  39. Go to MSU or OSU and represent
  40. Climb on top of the safe sex store read here
  41. Pee somewhere outside
  42. Grab a Cafeteria tray and go sledding in the Arb
  43. Play the piano at East hall
  44. Partake in Meijer Madness
  45. Walk from central campus to north campus
  46. Late night order from Pizza House
  47. Spend a night at the DUDE or Ugli 1st attempt
  48. Get on Bursley-Baits Bus and rock out
  49. Try at least every restaurant on South U. and State Street
  50. Laugh, Love, Experience, have fun, and do something outrageous

Email me at lifeatum@gmail.com if you have something you would like to add to my list, and watch me do it!


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