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Where did the time go #3

Those little cell phone and facebook games like fruit ninja or the now popular candy crush. Meaningless games. stupid simple short and repetitive games. However you always think you can get a higher score, you always think just 1 more time and you’ll beat the level, just 1 more time to get the high score. that 1 game that only lasts a minute turns into 30 games, and there goes half an hour.

Is it apt that I only post these after 3 am in the morning?


Where did the time go #2

Youtube. Obviously. But it is not so much the video you are watching that is the problem, but its the sidebar that shows related videos. Or at the end of videos that shows other videos that you may or may not like, however when you are writing a 10 page paper on political conservatism in the modern American electorate everything is interesting. Every.Single.Thing.

Where did the time go #1

FACEBOOK FACEBOOK FACEBOOK FACEBOOK. if it wasn’t for facebook who knows where we would be (probably finding another way to procrastinate).

Dumb Things College Students Do #6

I hope you guys learn from my mistakes. When you are writing an essay, do NOT, i repeat, DO NOT underestimate the amount of time the citations and references will take. ESPECIALLY when you procrastinated on your paper and need every last second to do it.

Citations take a long time, the longer your paper the longer it will take. In retrospect it would be easier to just do it as you write your paper, but you don’t know what you want to keep and delete and all that jazz. So, I reiterate, do NOT underestimate the amount of time it will take to clean your paper up. The best thing to do is finish your essay early …. ha if only

Dumb things college students do #5

Just a tip: do NOT wear contacts if you are going to stay up late studying at the library.

When you wear contacts into the night staring at a screen/book your contacts get dry. When your contacts get dry, your instinct is to close them. When you close your eyes, you want to sleep. But you can’t sleep because you have work to do, so you stare at your screen/ book and get back to work. This makes your contacts more dry, which leads to more eye closing, which leads to more wanting to sleep… ext ext ext this┬ávicious cycle continues until you fall asleep (pass out), or go back home and get glasses. Either way you are not getting work done.

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately! I’ve been super busy, but I always see the silver lining, and will most probably cross spend an entire night at the Ugli off my bucket list.