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Back for Senior Year

Hi Guys,

It has been a long time, a VERY long time since I’ve posted. It was summer and my mind got sidetracked. However as I enter my Senior year I’m reminded of everything single thing I love about college, especially U of M.

This blog was a project I started for me, hopefully other U of M students and anybody else with just any college story to share. I haven’t been as active as I should/can be and I apologize. I’m back now, and I have A LOT of stories left.

What made me post this was another wordpress post I found online through facebook (of course) and it was literally (no not literally) like a train hit me, a train of past memories, of freshman sophomore junior year. This is the post below. Enjoy the read. I sure as hell did.



Back from the Dead – Thoughts on how time passes

Hey guys, I’m finally back from the dead, I haven’t posted in a few months because school is getting out of hand. Well maybe not school, time. Time is getting out of hand, my hand to be exact. It is quite hard to grab something you can’t see, time, opportunities, courage. These are things that you don’t notice are gone or lacking until you look back.

It is strange, if you think throughout the day about how much work you have to do and how much time you have to do it…I should not be up at 4 in the morning. But here I am, and I DON”T KNOW WHERE MY TIME WENT.

I’ll find a system, I’ll make it work, and i’ll let you guys in on the secret. In the meantime i’m creating a new tag called “Where did the time go?” When I’m up at 4 in the morning, this is what i’m sure EVERYBODY is thinking about (unless you got a paper due in class, then maybe you’ll be thinking about the paper). I’m sure this tag count will go up like crazy, maybe the first 5 of them should be facebook facebook facebook facebook facebook. What a nice way to keep in touch of friends? What a goddamn waste of time ( this should be another post for itself, another time perhaps). The first step to solving any problem, is admitting it and finding the cause.