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Backpacking – more stressful than exams

I absolutely unequivocally hate, with an undying passion, backpacking for classes. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, backpacking as advisers like to put is, is essentially shopping for classes. You find classes you want for next semester, put them in a bag, so when it is time to register (checkout), it is quick and easy. That is if when shopping and you get to the register, the clerk takes the item OUT of your bag and says, “sorry but the item that you have in your bag is no longer available, please go find another item that you don’t want as much while I put this item that you did want right in front of you.”

So much fun.

Also, when you’re shopping and you find something you like, you grab it. However when backpacking for classes, some classes collide with other classes, some classes are too far apart from each other, some classes end too late or too early, some classes coincide with other activities, blah blah BLAH. Finding the perfect schedule is tantamount to finding say.. a random $100 bill under your mattress. It rarely happens, it brings you a state beyond bliss, it makes your future look so promising, and you wonder to yourself what heavenly deed you did for karma to swing your way in such a big bundle of goodness.  I had a near perfect schedule once, I might have cried.

This is me while schedulingMan_Working_Stress

I’m pulling out my hair, my computer seems like it reverted back to the old school one. I feel 100 pounds heavier and my eyes are cringing. It is like a punishment, in which I don’t know what I did wrong.


This is me 10 minutes right before registration, as I see my classes get ripped from my grasps right in front of my eyes. My eyes are bloodshot, I’m up because my registration just HAS to be at 8 in the morning. My fingers are trigger happy, right on the mouse ready for the moment it hits my time because I’ll BE DAMNED IF SOMEBODY TAKES MY CLASS FROM ME.

ilnet_MayburnedoutThen after registration this is me.  I hate myself, I hate life, I hate everything everything and anything this school has to offer. I only got some of my classes, my perfect schedule again just a dream. I have a class that is a seminar, only 30 open seats. AND THERE WERE 45 PEOPLE ON THE WAITLIST!! That means in order for me to get the class, all 30 students currently enrolled must drop, then for the 30 lucky souls that got the class, THEY MUST DROP THE CLASS TOO IN ORDER FOR ME TO GET IT. WHYYYY!!?!?!

Backpacking, it is NOT like shopping, it’s like creating a dream, working for the dream, and watching THAT DREAM GET STRIPPED FROM YOUR REALITY PIECE BY PIECE.