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What picture does your life paint?

This is my outlook on life, and I dedicate it to Professor Christopher Peterson. He was literally the happiest man in the world, where his brilliance was only paralleled by the size of his heart. October 9 2012 this school and world lost a truly great person, and this post is dedicated to him.

This here is life. point A is the moment you are born, point B is the moment you die.


This is boring. If this is your life you are just merely existing. This is your life if you just go through the movements and do what many college students call “wtvr.” This isn’t a life, it is a flatline, like the heart monitor attached to a person that has passed on it indicates an absence of life.

Maybe every once you do something different, instead of going through the motions you live in the moment and that flat line spikes. And it doesn’t just spike, it curves and loops around, going forward and backwards and the focus is not on point A and point B, but on the path in between. Then your life might look something like this.


It’s better, much better, however once again it gets boring. Looking at this picture will get boring and you will wonder why it isn’t more. So make it more. Add colors, add more curves, add more loops, intertwine your life with others and add more lines. Discover new things, uncover a passion. Let go of things that hold you back and grab on to the things that don’t. Then your life might look like this.


Messy. Well life is messy. However this is a much more interesting picture. This is a much more interesting life. But take a step back and look at the big picture, look at a life with no regrets. A life which you trekked with love, passion, and zeal. That mess becomes a beautiful picture. And the best part is since it is YOUR life, something YOU have control over, you can paint that picture however you want. And when you look back, it might look something like this.


Beautiful. There is no point A or point B, just…life. YOUR life. Now that is a picture you won’t get tired of seeing. So my message to you is: stop flatlining, and start painting.