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College Thinking #4

Decide to get up at 8 am in the morning to work. Alarm rings at 7:50. Get up and look at the clock. It read 8:05. Whoops looks like I missed it better set alarm to 9:00. 


College Thinking #3

Whenever my internet stops working, I take it as a higher power telling me to start working

College Thinking #2

Why is it every time I fall on my bed on top of my blankets with my clothes on I can fall asleep in .02 seconds flat, but when I’m all showered, cleaned, and under my blanket with the pillow in the right position I can’t fall asleep to save my life?

College Thinking #1

So, I was in the stall of the boy’s bathroom on the first floor of the UGLI and I was pleasantly surprised somebody made sure I wouldn’t be bored in there. Rate your shit by movie title. Many thoughts came to mind. The Avengers, King Kong, Deep Impact…However for me on that particularly fateful day I would have to name it…Apocalypse NOW.