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Outside Safe Sex Store

Right between Jimmy Johns and the Safe Sex store is the alley of doom. I call it that because at night, it pretty much looks like an invitation to be stabbed/ mugged/ other atrocities (not that it has actually happened…it just looks that way). However during the day it is a sight to see, as it is the product of multiple graffiti artists and their work is beautiful.


Bucket List #14 – Graffiti a bathroom stall

Bucket List 14 - Graffiti a bathroom stall

Finally did it, if you are ever in the area just take a look, it is in the boy’s bathroom at Haven hall next to the elevator, Check it out.

It feels strangely good, every time I go there I feel if anything i have left my mark here. Hopefully it won’t get erased like the mosaic of drawings in the ground floor Mason Hall boy’s bathroom. RIP lobstercock, if only i took a picture of you before.