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What picture does your life paint?

This is my outlook on life, and I dedicate it to Professor Christopher Peterson. He was literally the happiest man in the world, where his brilliance was only paralleled by the size of his heart. October 9 2012 this school and world lost a truly great person, and this post is dedicated to him.

This here is life. point A is the moment you are born, point B is the moment you die.


This is boring. If this is your life you are just merely existing. This is your life if you just go through the movements and do what many college students call “wtvr.” This isn’t a life, it is a flatline, like the heart monitor attached to a person that has passed on it indicates an absence of life.

Maybe every once you do something different, instead of going through the motions you live in the moment and that flat line spikes. And it doesn’t just spike, it curves and loops around, going forward and backwards and the focus is not on point A and point B, but on the path in between. Then your life might look something like this.


It’s better, much better, however once again it gets boring. Looking at this picture will get boring and you will wonder why it isn’t more. So make it more. Add colors, add more curves, add more loops, intertwine your life with others and add more lines. Discover new things, uncover a passion. Let go of things that hold you back and grab on to the things that don’t. Then your life might look like this.


Messy. Well life is messy. However this is a much more interesting picture. This is a much more interesting life. But take a step back and look at the big picture, look at a life with no regrets. A life which you trekked with love, passion, and zeal. That mess becomes a beautiful picture. And the best part is since it is YOUR life, something YOU have control over, you can paint that picture however you want. And when you look back, it might look something like this.


Beautiful. There is no point A or point B, just…life. YOUR life. Now that is a picture you won’t get tired of seeing. So my message to you is: stop flatlining, and start painting.


My Bucket List Progress

Bolded are the one’s I’ve done, How many have you done?

  1. Take a final exam without studying
  2. Drink a Sharkbowl at Rick’s
  3. Jump up and down with Maize Rage
  4. Hippie Hash at Fleetwood Diner
  5. Eat at Zingerman’s
  6. Get in trouble with DPS
  7. Ride the BTB party bus
  8. Check out a performance at Hill auditorium
  9. Visit Kerrytown Farmer’s Market
  10. Attend a sports competition
  11. Main Street Bar Crawl
  12. Watch the annual Mudbowl game
  13. Learn how to do your own laundry
  14. Graffiti a bathroom stall
  15. Spend quality time with a professor
  16. Blimpy Burger
  17. Get Down in the Stacks
  18. Spend a decent amount of time on North Campus
  19. Pregame so hard you literally can’t make it to the game
  20. Sneak into the big house
  21. Throw a Toga Party
  22. Sneak an entire set of utensils out of the cafeteria
  23. Sneeze loudly in the law library
  24. Partake in Hash Bash
  25. Eat soup at Le Dog at Le Dog
  26. Go to Yost arena
  27. Go to away game, get booed by opposing fans
  28. Overdraft your bank account
  29. Shamelessly hit on a Michigan athlete
  30. Drink only keg beer at a frat party to get drunk
  31. Go streaking through the Diag
  32. Men’s Glee Club concert
  33. Paint the Rock
  34. Sit in on class you are not registered for
  35. Knock on Mary Sue Coleman’s door
  36. Smoke a joint, get high in the Arb
  37. Attend a midnight movie at the State Theater
  38. Play on an intramural sports team
  39. Go to MSU or OSU and represent
  40. Climb on top of the safe sex store
  41. Pee somewhere outside
  42. Grab a Cafeteria tray and go sledding in the Arb
  43. Play the piano at East hall
  44. Partake in Meijer Madness
  45. Walk from central campus to north campus
  46. Late night order from Pizza House
  47. Spend a night at the DUDE or Ugli
  48. Get on Bursley-Baits Bus and rock out
  49. Try at least every restaurant on South U. and State Street
  50. Laugh, Love, Experience, have fun, and do something outrageous

14/50 I have a long way to go

Bucket List

Ok so I’m a rising Junior, I have about 2 years left until I graduate (hopefully) and only once you pass the half way mark do you realize how little time you have left. 2 years. That’s it. Did I do everything I wanted to do? I’m sitting in my sad excuse of a cubicle wishing I was back at school. It got me thinking how many nights did I stay in and “do nothing.” what a waste. So I googled college bucketlists and I was very happy to find the michigandaily created a bucket list for UofM students. You can find it in their archives here, it is an interesting list and I SWEAR THROUGH HELL OR HEAVEN I WILL DO ALL THESE THINGS BEFORE I GRADUATE. I’ve done a few but definitely not all, I’ll let you guys know how I do when school starts.

Also I added a few items in addition to the 38 things the michigandaily suggests that I have already done/want to/will do. For you guys.

39. Go to MSU or OSU with a UMich T-shirt and REPRESENT

40. Climb on top of the safe sex store (there are trash cans behind the store that act as steps)

41. Pee somewhere outside as you walk from party to party, draw something in the snow (if you’re a girl this may be harder. Maybe.).

42. Grab a cafeteria tray and go sledding at the Arb

43. Play the Piano at East Hall (especially if you can’t play the piano)

44. Partake in Meijer Madness

45. Walk from central campus to north campus. It is more fun drunk, but sober or not its a beautiful sight

46. Order from Pizza House in the dead of the night and have them deliver it to the Ugli during one of your late night studyings

47. Speaking of late night studying spend a night at the DUDE, or during finals week at the Ugli

48. Get on the Bursley-Bait Bus on a Friday or Saturday night and start chanting or start a song. literally ROCK THE BUS OUT.

49. Try at least once every restaurant on South U. and State Street.

Now last but not least for an even 50 things to do, if you do any of these things please let it be this one.

50. Laugh, love, experience, have fun, and do something outrageous. This may be cliché and you have probably heard  it already at one point. And although this may be the first thing you cross off your bucket list, I’m going to add one word so this will be the LAST thing you cross of your list. More.

The beginning

Hey, its me Logan DC, I’m a student at U of M. I know it is during the summer and I’m not actually at U of M at the moment, but here I am at work completely bored out of my mind and I just can’t help but look back at the school year. I sit at my desk from 9 – 6, and I glance down every 10 minutes at the bottom right of my computer and look for the clock to hit 2 numbers – 12 and 6, the former being my one hour lunch break, and the latter being the time I gain my freedom..until the next day of course. Now I am just an intern, but I look around at my colleagues ( i’m interning at an accounting firm), and they work relentlessly from 9 in the morning to god knows when at night (yea I’m out the moment the hand strikes 6) working on their computer cranking the numbers and talking to clients trying to make them happy. If that’s your dream job and you landed it well then more power to you, but honestly who gets to land their dream job on their first try? We all got to pay our dues. 

But it got me thinking, “holy shit, this is a glimpse of what my life is going to be like after college.” You’ve probably heard people say it, ” enjoy college while you can.” Now I see what they mean. Not to say life after college sucks, but I should really really start to take advantage of my time in college, more to the point my time at U of M. Which brings me to the purpose of this blog, chronicling life at U of M because these are the things I want to read and look back upon when I enter the “real world.” This is a blog dedicated to life at U of M, some of the stories will be real, some will be greatly exaggerated, some will be fiction, but its all U of M. If you have any stories, or pictures, or writings, or anything you want to share that reflects your time at U of M, shoot me an email at lifeatum@gmail.com.