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Maize and Blue Deli

I went to eat at the Maize and Blue Deli and it was DUH LEE CIOUS. The sandwiches are a little pricey, however it is totally worth it as the sandwiches have to be smooshed to fit in your mouth, and on the side is the FATTEST pickle a place should legally be allowed to give you. Also for your information this place was an episode on the popular food show Man Vs. Food. So yea, you know this place is delicious because that guy that eats food for a living specifically came here ( he also went to blimpy burgers but that’s another much grease-ier story). This place is super homey, and I took a picture of their wall with a bunch of scribbles on it. Apparently only Michigan athletes are allowed to sign the wall. Very cool place. Also this is part of #49 on my  bucket list