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First day of class – 9/2

Yesterday was a gloriously beautiful day with the sun shining and the weather at that perfect temperature between too hot and too cold. Today, as classes officially begins, I look out my window and it is like I entered the great depression. It is so gloomy outside it is almost as if the sun abandoned Ann Arbor once school started. And why is it so chilly?

Ok so a summer in California may have made me a tiny bit bitter about the weather here, but it is truly a deplorable sight. I read somewhere if you wake up with a smile on your face you will be in a more positive mood otherwise for the rest of your day. Well looks like I’m taping my mouth to my cheeks cause when I woke up today, I was most definitely NOT smiling.

However don’t take this to mean I’m not looking forward to the year. I’m in college and if I learned anything, it is how to complain, and subsequently how to deal with it. Michigan is still filled with a ton of things to experience, and one would be a fool to not look forward to the year.



Back for Senior Year

Hi Guys,

It has been a long time, a VERY long time since I’ve posted. It was summer and my mind got sidetracked. However as I enter my Senior year I’m reminded of everything single thing I love about college, especially U of M.

This blog was a project I started for me, hopefully other U of M students and anybody else with just any college story to share. I haven’t been as active as I should/can be and I apologize. I’m back now, and I have A LOT of stories left.

What made me post this was another wordpress post I found online through facebook (of course) and it was literally (no not literally) like a train hit me, a train of past memories, of freshman sophomore junior year. This is the post below. Enjoy the read. I sure as hell did.


The beginning

Hey, its me Logan DC, I’m a student at U of M. I know it is during the summer and I’m not actually at U of M at the moment, but here I am at work completely bored out of my mind and I just can’t help but look back at the school year. I sit at my desk from 9 – 6, and I glance down every 10 minutes at the bottom right of my computer and look for the clock to hit 2 numbers – 12 and 6, the former being my one hour lunch break, and the latter being the time I gain my freedom..until the next day of course. Now I am just an intern, but I look around at my colleagues ( i’m interning at an accounting firm), and they work relentlessly from 9 in the morning to god knows when at night (yea I’m out the moment the hand strikes 6) working on their computer cranking the numbers and talking to clients trying to make them happy. If that’s your dream job and you landed it well then more power to you, but honestly who gets to land their dream job on their first try? We all got to pay our dues. 

But it got me thinking, “holy shit, this is a glimpse of what my life is going to be like after college.” You’ve probably heard people say it, ” enjoy college while you can.” Now I see what they mean. Not to say life after college sucks, but I should really really start to take advantage of my time in college, more to the point my time at U of M. Which brings me to the purpose of this blog, chronicling life at U of M because these are the things I want to read and look back upon when I enter the “real world.” This is a blog dedicated to life at U of M, some of the stories will be real, some will be greatly exaggerated, some will be fiction, but its all U of M. If you have any stories, or pictures, or writings, or anything you want to share that reflects your time at U of M, shoot me an email at lifeatum@gmail.com.