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Bucket List #40 – How we ended up on the Safe Sex Store

Some pictures, as proof I climbed on the Safe Sex Store, the story is below.

So it was Saturday night and I was with a few of my friends looking around for some parties. We were rolling as 5 dudes so yea…there was that. One of the guys was my freshmen roommate and he is one crazy guy, just the night before he overshot his way home and ended up sleeping on the sidewalk until some stranger woke him up, in which he proceeded to go exactly the WRONG way home. What a guy. Anyway we heard of some parties going on down at South Forest, and these are parties where you can just bounce in without knowing anybody, mingle, and bounce right out. So that’s what we did, we hit up the parties, met some people, played a few games of pong, and by then it was getting close to 1.

The moon was shining like the sun, and it just felt wrong to call it a night. By now it was just me and my freshmen roommate, and through our drunken stupor an idea was born (partly from my bucket list), let’s climb on top of the Safe Sex Store. We did just that. Went to champions and bought some cigars, being all classy and stuff, went to the parking lot behind, and through no easy effort climbed on top of the safe sex store and it was…Serenity. Continue reading