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Thanksgiving at UM – saving you the trouble

Freshmen year I celebrated Thanksgiving at UMich, and what a fitting name because probably for the first time ever I honestly looked up into my ceiling light and whispered, ” Thank you Tim Berners- Lee for giving me the internet as we know it. Thank you a million times now and a million times over.” Yes, those exact words, Why did I whisper that to nobody and who the hell is Tim Berners-Lee? Well Tim Berners- Lee was credited for the invention  of html, not exactly the internet as that was a slow development over many years,  just like my Thanksgiving. The only reason I know this is because I searched it up, read pages of pages of controversy on who invented the Internet, and came to the finalist my good friend Tim. That was the extent to how BORED I was.

 It was….uneventful, in fact it was almost like Ann Arbor went out of its way to be uneventful. EVERYBODY went home for the holidays, if you have a home, then go back for Thanksgiving. I, being a very very international boy did not exactly have a home to go back to so I thought it be best to stay in Ann Arbor for Thanksgiving with my few very very international friends. O the wrong choices I make.

Everybody is home, so campus is synonymous to a post-apocalyptic city. I walk on the streets at 3 pm and the only other person walking is my shadow. I talked to it sometimes because it most closely resembled human life. Just kidding. I’m not crazy. Not yet. I wasn’t 21 so I couldn’t go to any bars and drink my boredom away. Many of the restaurants are closed, requiring me to walk a mile, in the snow, to Main Street for some good Turkey. The Cafeteria closed, but nobody wants that turkey jerky anyway. The Buses don’t run because everybody is home for Thanksgiving, so if you lived up North, pack your bags and find a friend on central because North campus was just like Central Campus but worse. I don’t know how or why, but I knew if I died my corpse would rot before it was found.

I holed up with my friend on Central Campus, and truly started to appreciated the internet. That was my Freshman thanksgiving, like a horror story for college students – no booze no friends no fun. This post has 2 messages for you. First, don’t spend Thanksgiving at UM, it’s a nice pretty school and it’s awesome and everything, just not on Thanksgiving. Go home, go somewhere anywhere. Second, before you go to sleep spend 10 seconds to get on your knees and say these words ,” Thank you Tim Berners-Lee, I created a whole new category of love dedicated to you and what you did for mankind.” or something like that…

Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving!!