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Bucket List # 47 – Spend a night at the DUDE or Ugli (Almost not quite)

It was finals week obviously, and I was so close to tasting the freedom of the holiday. My last final which was a paper was due on the 18th at 12:30 pm. Prior to that paper I already had 2 group presentation finals, 2 papers, and 3 final exams; noon on the 18th could not come sooner.

The day before I had an exam in which I stayed up quite late studying for, so after the exam I fell asleep ( more like PTFO’d) for a few hours. I woke up at 6, made dinner and started my paper. I went to the Ugli to do my research and work. However the problem is at 7 p.m., the logic my brain is telling me is I have about 17 hours to write this paper, so there is no sense of urgency, I can take my time and work at my own pace.

No, my brain is a filthy liar because at 11 p.m. I only had one page, and not even all my research done. So, I began to feel a sense of urgency. I made good progress working on my paper from then on, only taking a few well deserved breaks. However at 4 a.m. in the morning, when my paper is becoming something I can be proud of handing in, I look around the Ugli and I see 4 people. 4 people on the 1st floor of the Ugli. You look at these 4 people and they are head deep in their books, or head down on the table, so they are just as screwed if not more screwed than you are. And that thought was just too.damn. depressing. I couldn’t get any more work done after, it was impossible. Usually the Ugli is a great place to work, but not at 4 a.m. I reluctantly packed up my laptop and material and started my walk back knowing full well there was more work to be done.

Now what is worse than being at the Ugli at 4 a.m. is walking back home from the Ugli at 4 a.m. The ONLY people you see if any are… I don’t even what those people are doing. But that walk in the cold, while the wind is blowing and the thoughts of my paper weighing me down… I get sad just thinking about it ( I play boulevard of broken dreams by Green Day on my iphone). I get home and I realize my bed is just 5 feet away, and there is nothing more in the world I want more than to fall on top of it and sleep till my hearts content, but I can’t, I have to write my paper. It was lose lose, I can’t work at the Ugli, I can’t work at home, It would take more than the 7 hours of time I had left, to finish up my paper which should only take maximum maybe 3-4 hours. The morale of the story is don’t leave your work to the last minute, I say this, people tell you this, but that is obviously not going to stop you from procrastinating, but that’s a whole other subject.

So this is my failed 1st attempt at spending the night at the Ugli,I would consider the whole night at the Ugli up until 8 a.m. when it would usually open (but not anymore cause its 24/7 Hoo-yah!). But worry not, I guarantee there will be more occasions in which I will need to spend the night at the Ugli, and when that comes I will rise to the occasion. But staying a whole night at the Ugli, not for the weak-hearted.


Bucket List #40 – How we ended up on the Safe Sex Store

Some pictures, as proof I climbed on the Safe Sex Store, the story is below.

So it was Saturday night and I was with a few of my friends looking around for some parties. We were rolling as 5 dudes so yea…there was that. One of the guys was my freshmen roommate and he is one crazy guy, just the night before he overshot his way home and ended up sleeping on the sidewalk until some stranger woke him up, in which he proceeded to go exactly the WRONG way home. What a guy. Anyway we heard of some parties going on down at South Forest, and these are parties where you can just bounce in without knowing anybody, mingle, and bounce right out. So that’s what we did, we hit up the parties, met some people, played a few games of pong, and by then it was getting close to 1.

The moon was shining like the sun, and it just felt wrong to call it a night. By now it was just me and my freshmen roommate, and through our drunken stupor an idea was born (partly from my bucket list), let’s climb on top of the Safe Sex Store. We did just that. Went to champions and bought some cigars, being all classy and stuff, went to the parking lot behind, and through no easy effort climbed on top of the safe sex store and it was…Serenity. Continue reading


Bucket List #14 – Graffiti a bathroom stall

Bucket List 14 - Graffiti a bathroom stall

Finally did it, if you are ever in the area just take a look, it is in the boy’s bathroom at Haven hall next to the elevator, Check it out.

It feels strangely good, every time I go there I feel if anything i have left my mark here. Hopefully it won’t get erased like the mosaic of drawings in the ground floor Mason Hall boy’s bathroom. RIP lobstercock, if only i took a picture of you before.

My Bucket List Progress

Bolded are the one’s I’ve done, How many have you done?

  1. Take a final exam without studying
  2. Drink a Sharkbowl at Rick’s
  3. Jump up and down with Maize Rage
  4. Hippie Hash at Fleetwood Diner
  5. Eat at Zingerman’s
  6. Get in trouble with DPS
  7. Ride the BTB party bus
  8. Check out a performance at Hill auditorium
  9. Visit Kerrytown Farmer’s Market
  10. Attend a sports competition
  11. Main Street Bar Crawl
  12. Watch the annual Mudbowl game
  13. Learn how to do your own laundry
  14. Graffiti a bathroom stall
  15. Spend quality time with a professor
  16. Blimpy Burger
  17. Get Down in the Stacks
  18. Spend a decent amount of time on North Campus
  19. Pregame so hard you literally can’t make it to the game
  20. Sneak into the big house
  21. Throw a Toga Party
  22. Sneak an entire set of utensils out of the cafeteria
  23. Sneeze loudly in the law library
  24. Partake in Hash Bash
  25. Eat soup at Le Dog at Le Dog
  26. Go to Yost arena
  27. Go to away game, get booed by opposing fans
  28. Overdraft your bank account
  29. Shamelessly hit on a Michigan athlete
  30. Drink only keg beer at a frat party to get drunk
  31. Go streaking through the Diag
  32. Men’s Glee Club concert
  33. Paint the Rock
  34. Sit in on class you are not registered for
  35. Knock on Mary Sue Coleman’s door
  36. Smoke a joint, get high in the Arb
  37. Attend a midnight movie at the State Theater
  38. Play on an intramural sports team
  39. Go to MSU or OSU and represent
  40. Climb on top of the safe sex store
  41. Pee somewhere outside
  42. Grab a Cafeteria tray and go sledding in the Arb
  43. Play the piano at East hall
  44. Partake in Meijer Madness
  45. Walk from central campus to north campus
  46. Late night order from Pizza House
  47. Spend a night at the DUDE or Ugli
  48. Get on Bursley-Baits Bus and rock out
  49. Try at least every restaurant on South U. and State Street
  50. Laugh, Love, Experience, have fun, and do something outrageous

14/50 I have a long way to go

Bucket List

Ok so I’m a rising Junior, I have about 2 years left until I graduate (hopefully) and only once you pass the half way mark do you realize how little time you have left. 2 years. That’s it. Did I do everything I wanted to do? I’m sitting in my sad excuse of a cubicle wishing I was back at school. It got me thinking how many nights did I stay in and “do nothing.” what a waste. So I googled college bucketlists and I was very happy to find the michigandaily created a bucket list for UofM students. You can find it in their archives here, it is an interesting list and I SWEAR THROUGH HELL OR HEAVEN I WILL DO ALL THESE THINGS BEFORE I GRADUATE. I’ve done a few but definitely not all, I’ll let you guys know how I do when school starts.

Also I added a few items in addition to the 38 things the michigandaily suggests that I have already done/want to/will do. For you guys.

39. Go to MSU or OSU with a UMich T-shirt and REPRESENT

40. Climb on top of the safe sex store (there are trash cans behind the store that act as steps)

41. Pee somewhere outside as you walk from party to party, draw something in the snow (if you’re a girl this may be harder. Maybe.).

42. Grab a cafeteria tray and go sledding at the Arb

43. Play the Piano at East Hall (especially if you can’t play the piano)

44. Partake in Meijer Madness

45. Walk from central campus to north campus. It is more fun drunk, but sober or not its a beautiful sight

46. Order from Pizza House in the dead of the night and have them deliver it to the Ugli during one of your late night studyings

47. Speaking of late night studying spend a night at the DUDE, or during finals week at the Ugli

48. Get on the Bursley-Bait Bus on a Friday or Saturday night and start chanting or start a song. literally ROCK THE BUS OUT.

49. Try at least once every restaurant on South U. and State Street.

Now last but not least for an even 50 things to do, if you do any of these things please let it be this one.

50. Laugh, love, experience, have fun, and do something outrageous. This may be cliché and you have probably heard  it already at one point. And although this may be the first thing you cross off your bucket list, I’m going to add one word so this will be the LAST thing you cross of your list. More.